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Premier League discusses using offside detection technology

The Premier League has begun discussions on the use of semi-automatic offside detection technology. Including improvements to other parts of the VAR that have failed will become a reality soon. Four years since the introduction of VAR into the Premier League, it has been more confusing than

How is smoothie good for weight loss?

How is smoothie good for weight loss? Taking care of intestinal health by drinking smoothies has advantages. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can be blended together and easily drunk every day. Blending makes it easy for the body to digest and absorb the essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables. not

Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal: Collect issues after the game

Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal: Collect issues after the game, artillery crushes, breaths to win the Premier League title. Arsenal have come through one tough game. This season with three points away at Newcastle United, with their side guaranteed. And only Manchester City will win the Premier League. “The last

Carnevali: Roma must throw in if Frattesi hopes.

Sassuolo director Giovanni Carnevali has suggested Roma must pay a reasonable fee. If midfielder Davide Frattesi joins the football club.          The famous Italian Serie A club have been linked with a transfer. As many of their players are considered famous and

Sholinton cheers for Neymar to join the Newcastle.

Newcastle striker Sholinton has backed compatriot Neymar to join him at St James’ Park. The Brazilian national team star was inform by Paris Saint-Germain. The agency that is not desired can be moved out of the team. Previously there was news that both Chelsea and Manchester United