West Ham 1-0 Man Utd: Picked up after Premier League game

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West Ham 1-0 Man Utd: Picked up after Premier League game. Ge Gea gives luck as Red Devils lose two games in a row.

Man United shoots a fishing bird

In this game, the original problems of the Red Devils to still haunt and fatal to the point of losing in the end. That’s about the sharpness of the finish. Many people might say it’s because they don’t have luck. But this isn’t the first game that is! Because if they were a little more accurate. 11 chances in the first half should have scored 1 goal. But in the end they shot all the fishing birds. Including in the second half that creates many opportunities towards the end of the game

De Gea bestows luck

Going from hero to inevitable scapegoat for goalkeeper David de Gea holds the record for goalkeeper with the most appearances for the team in history. Which today referred to the full show with the rhythm of Said Benrahma’s long shot. Where the light ball did not escape much. But instead lost the rhythm, fell, knock the ball, miss the goal in a confused way, and the worst thing was that it was the only goal that occurred in this game.

West Ham are fierce, confident, fearless.

In this game, in the first half, it was Man United who almost folded the field to attack. But instead being shot out first, of course, fans would expect a more aggressive game in the second half. But doing it without knowing how Erik Ten Hag solved the game to make the game look worse than before, because West Ham was the one. Who made the attacking game with a more watery texture. In addition, each offensive line is very good, including Benrahma, Antonio Paqueta or even Declan Rice. Who drags one-on-one with confidence and is not afraid of the prestige of the Red Devils at all.

Suspected that Ten Hag is afraid that the end of the season will not be exciting.

Defeat in this game of the Red Devils makes them still stopped at 63 points from 34 games play. only 1 point behind Liverpool in 5th place. Although Man United has played less than one match. But that doesn’t seem to be reliable anymore with this form of play. Manchester United’s four remaining opponents are Wolves, Bournemouth, Chelsea and Fulham. While Liverpool face Leicester City, Aston Villa and Southampton if the Reds win. The remaining three games mean that United will only lose or draw one game if they are to maintain top spot after the season is over.