Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal: Collect issues after the game

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Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal: Collect issues after the game, artillery crushes, breaths to win the Premier League title.

Arsenal have come through one tough game. This season with three points away at Newcastle United, with their side guaranteed. And only Manchester City will win the Premier League.

“The last two horses” in the Premier League 2022-2023

Arsenal’s victory in this game. Causing them to guarantee 100% that they will definitely not be lower than second place this season. And it will be a challenge to Manchester City, the defending champions. Who hold the advantage towards the end of the season.

Entertaining game for football fans

Premier League football has gained worldwide popularity due to the excitement of the game. And if they want to choose a sample game to present This game is undoubtedly in the network, although there are only 2 goals, but throughout this game is full of many shots, including hitting the crossbar and hitting the post, for you to enjoy all 90 minutes.

Martin Edegaard on his best season?

“Wonder Kid” 8 years ago with the news of a move to Real Madrid, at the time, questioned whether he was real waiting to be cut or counterfeits like there are many in football Finally moving to Arsenal and his form this season Answered all that This is the captain of the Norwegian national team. Diamond quality with 15 goals this season

“Newcastle” still has to continue to win

With four games remaining for the hosts as they aim for a return to the Champions League next season, they couldn’t have stumbled any further. The defeat in this game was only their second home defeat this season.