Manchester United players graded for last night’s 1-0 defeat at West Ham: Player Ratings

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Manchester United players graded for last night’s 1-0 defeat at West Ham: Player Ratings.

Manchester United player ratings

David De Gea – 5/10

Although there is a moment to exert some defensive force But today, it was someone who made a simple mistake and lost a goal, including having some terrifying strokes.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6/10

Encountered hard work in dealing with the attacking game on the starboard side that was rotated to attack from time to time Which many times is often taken by the ball to win at the end of the line

Victor Lindelof – 7/10

There are many times when he intercepts the ball beautifully, doing his job to control the defensive game well. There are no missed moments to see anything in this game.

Luke Shaw – 6/10

Missed the ball until it was the source of West Ham’s winning goal, but overall the defensive game used the experience of strength to deal with the home team’s high-speed offensive line well.

Tyrell Malacia – 5/10

Has speed, but today still can’t do much There is a rhythm to let the ball fall, creating a thrill for the fans, however, it is considered to be able to deal with Bowen with an even match.

Casemiro – 6/10

Today, the role in midfield is not as prominent as it should be. Not a person who takes the ball from the backcourt Causing almost no beautiful long strokes to be seen today

Christian Eriksen – 6/10

He connects the game from the front of his own penalty area to the opponent’s penalty area. But today there is no rhythm to create beautiful games to be seen.

Manchester United player ratings

Anthony – 6/10

A standout role in the early game where he got chances with the ball and tried several finishes but missed them all. Plus, after that, the role was reduced to almost disappearing from the game in the second half.

Bruno Fernandes – 6/10

At the beginning of the game, he was moved to stand on the edge of the line, making his role with the team quite a bit. There was a moment when he was able to shine far away from the pole. After moving to stand in the middle, he began to play more games.

Marcus Rashford – 6/10

Having to come down to fetch the ball several times, making it almost impossible to finish it yourself in this game Goes with the ball well on the edge of the line. But still can’t do much

Hue Wakehurst – 5/10

Keep coming down to connect the low game and chase the ball in the defensive game. But today there are not many roles with the team. Only had one chance to shoot but it went into Fabianski’s hands.


Anthony Martial (replacing Wakehorst, 57′) – 5/10

Come down to create at least 2-3 occasions, but not sharp enough to turn into a goal.

Jadon Sancho (replaces Anthony n.74) – 5/10

Haven’t even played with the ball yet.

Marcel Sabitzer (replacing Eriksen, n.74) – 5/10

Like Sancho, the space in the penalty area is so small that there is little to nothing about.

Diogo Dalot (replaces Wan-Bissaka in the 87th minute) – N/A

came down to fill the offensive game on the left side

Fred (replacing Malacia n.87) – N/A

Add freshness to help chase the ball in the midfield.