Louis Saha tell Timber is insecure after warding off the devil.

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Former Ajax defender Yurin Timber, Louis Saha has refused to join Manchester United following national team boss Louis van Gaal. Holland commented

         Previously there was news that Van Gaal, who was manager of the “Red Devils” between 2014 and 2016, is currently serving as the chief of the army. “Orange Knights”, where Timber, the national team defender, has been told that if he moves to Old Trafford, his chances of playing for a football-rich national team may be limited world 2022 awaits

         From such events, the news of the transfer of the team has been silent. In this work, the Saha salutes Timber as a lack of confidence. UFABET By pointing out that if a player who is strong will not care about anyone’s words at all.

         “He (Van Gaal) does not work at Manchester United so he will be allowed to give advice to the players of his national team,” Louis Saha said.

         “If a player is strong enough he will come if he listens to the national team manager. He would and it would have been better if he stayed where he was because he probably wasn’t very confident.”

         “It’s a decision of the players and not the national team manager. If he wants to come to United, he is welcomed very well.”