Carnevali: Roma must throw in if Frattesi hopes.

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Sassuolo director Giovanni Carnevali has suggested Roma must pay a reasonable fee. If midfielder Davide Frattesi joins the football club.

         The famous Italian Serie A club have been linked with a transfer. As many of their players are considered famous and tangible. Including Frattezi, Jacomo Rapadori, Gianluca Skamacca and Domenico Berardi.

         Recently, Frattesi with news that Roma want to join the team. Carnevali points out that the two clubs have a good relationship. UFABET But have to pay a reasonable price as well.

         “We have a very good relationship with Roma. We’ve made a number of agreements together. So if Roma want to sign an important young player who is already in the national team. They need to pay the right price as well.” Carnevali told Sky Sport Italia.

         “It’s a fair market value. We’ll see how it goes. I told Thiago Pinto that we can put Frattezi’s problem aside and discuss some of the younger players we can draw from Roma.

        As for rumors that PSG are prepare 40 million euros plus bonuses in exchange for Skamacca, Carnevali said: “We haven’t spoken to PSG in 10 days. It’s very calm. We’ll see if there’s a chance. another? Unfortunately I don’t think it will be a team in Serie A.