Ways to protect your skin from the dangers of blue light

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In the present era that has entered the digital society Make electronic devices such as smartphones and computers become part of our way of life. And during COVID, communication devices have become even more important in online learning or working from home. Among the advantages there are disadvantages and dangers. The convenience that arises comes at the cost of health due to “blue light from phones” and various devices that harm the eyes. and skin health.

Let me talk about the blue light that we encounter most often. And the hardest thing to avoid is the blue light from your phone. computer monitor How dangerous it will be to the skin depends on many factors. such as the duration of exposure to blue light Blue light intensity level and the skin condition of each person By those with sensitive, sensitive skin or those prone to premature aging. May be more harmed by blue light than the general public. UFABET specify that other dangers of blue light that you should know about as follows:

Makes the skin age prematurely: Aging skin Because blue light can destroy collagen and elastin in the skin. Causes the skin to lose its elasticity, sagging, and premature wrinkles.

Makes the skin dull: Dull skin because blue light can stimulate melanin production. which is a pigment that makes the skin darker, causing blemishes, freckles, and dark spots.

Makes the skin inflamed:The skin will be more inflamed than before. Because blue light can stimulate inflammation in the skin. Makes skin sensitive.

Sleep disturbance: Blue light can disrupt sleep cycles. Makes it difficult to sleep And when you don’t get enough rest, acne problems and dull skin will follow in sequence.

How to prevent blue light

Apply nourishing cream or sunscreen: Applying sunscreen to protect the skin from blue light This is another way to help protect our skin from those dangers very well… Many people may think that Sunscreen should be applied only when going outside for activities. Or only on days when we have to go out and see the strong sunshine only..but actually, whether we stay at home and don’t go out. Light can follow and harm our skin inside the home as well. Especially blue light from computer screens and mobile phone screens. therefore.. Sunscreen is another option that helps solve problems and helps prevent our skin from being damaged and causing the problem of a dull face. Or it can cause wrinkles. But it is recommended that. It must be a sunscreen that can protect the skin from blue light as well.

Use blue light filter film: Blue light filter film helps absorb some of the blue light from entering the skin. Blue light filtering films are widely available at many retail and online stores. Some brands can reduce the amount of blue light by up to 90%.

Avoid exposure to blue light: Avoid prolonged exposure to blue light if you need to use your phone for a long time. You should adjust the screen brightness to be less bright. By adjusting the brightness to suit the surrounding environment. Not too bright, such as if in the shade The screen brightness should be lower than 50% if in a bright place. The screen brightness should be adjusted to below 80%.