Techniques to reduce sugar and how to eat sweet things to be happy

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Reduce sugar can be difficult for people who are addict to sugary foods. But eating very sugary foods is detrimental to your health in many ways. Whether it is overweight Risk of diabetes and heart disease. recommends reducing sugar intake to less than 10% of the energy you should receive per day for good health.

Sugar is naturally occurring in foods such as vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, and some grains. But the amount of sugar we get each day is often hidd in foods and drinks that Add additional sugar. which we had not noticed before Anyone who wants to reduce sugar but can’t do it. ufabet has some advice for you.

Naturally occurring sugars, such as milk sugar or lactose. Fruit sugar or fructose Including malt sugar or maltose. Benefits of naturally occurring sugar In addition to providing energy There are also other benefits. That comes with that food as well. For example, 1 glass of milk, or about 240 milliliters, will contain about 12 grams of natural sugar or lactose. Sugar in fruit or fructose The amount of sugar will vary depending on the type of fruit. For example, 1 small green apple (100 grams) will contain 5.9 grams of fructose. Caution is that even though it is natural sugar, But you still have to be careful of the amount you eat. Because if you eat too much It may cause negative effects as well.

Added sugars such as granulated sugar, syrup, or honey give the body a deliciously sweet taste and energy. This type of sugar is hidden in food and drinks that are eating regularly. This is consider a sweetness that the elderly must be more careful about than natural sugar. Because of the frequent addition of added sugar to food until exceeding the specified amount May cause addiction to sweet tastes At risk of developing NCDs or chronic non-communicable diseases. such as obesity or diabetes. Because foods high in sugar will cause high blood sugar levels. high blood pressure It also increases the risk of inflammation. Harm the microorganisms in the intestines Causing the body to be in an unbalanced state It also negatively affects the functioning of the immune system.

For anyone who already eats a reasonable amount of sugar. It’s consider a good thing. But if anyone is still addict to sweet things Let’s try to apply these techniques.

  • Choose a drink, order it less sweet, because today’s drinks contain a lot of sugar. Should order with reduced sweetness level to 0-50%.
  • Read nutrition labels Check how much food and drink there is. To avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar
  • Choose less sweet fruits. Eat fruit as a snack or snack, such as a green apple, guava, banana, dragon fruit, or berries.
  • Look for the Healthy Alternative Nutrition symbol. That helps tell that the product has been check for sugar, fat, and sodium content to be in the right amount.