Can people with acne apply sunscreen to their face? 

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Many people with acne may be suspicious and worried about using sunscreen on their face. Can people with acne apply sunscreen to their face? Will acne increase or will applying sunscreen clog the skin until acne flares up more than before? Answer here: People with acne can apply sunscreen to their face. You should also apply sunscreen every day. Whether going out Or not going out at all. But facial sunscreen should be used by people with acne. Sunscreen should be used especially for people with acne and sensitive skin. And there must be no chemicals that irritate the skin. Because if it’s sunscreen that has chemicals It may cause us to become allergic, irritated, or acne may become more severe than before.

Today, ยูฟ่าเบท we’ve gathered together how to choose facial sunscreen for people with acne for you all. Who has acne? Anyone who is looking for sunscreen for people with acne, don’t miss it!

how to buy one. Sunscreen for people with acne

Choose a sunscreen that doesn’t contain oil and has the words Sunscreen on it. Non-Comedogenic: which means it doesn’t clog pores. This type of sunscreen won’t make your face oily during the day. And it becomes clogged and becomes acne.

If you have oily skin. Should you buy gel sunscreen or serum sunscreen? Because it can be absorbed into the skin faster than lotion-based sunscreen

Choose sunscreen that doesn’t contain perfume, alcohol, and preservatives: Because it will cause more irritation to the skin. and followed by an army of acne.

You should choose sunscreen with SPF30: or higher to help protect your skin from the sun the best. An SPF of less than 15 just helps protect your skin from getting dull. But it cannot prevent skin cancer

If girls have sensitive skin and are prone to acne: It is recommended to use a gentle sunscreen formula: Non-chemical Sunscreen, free of dangerous chemicals, or Physical Sunscreen that, when applied, coats the skin and reflects UV rays. The main ingredients are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to effectively protect against UV rays. It is also less likely to become clogged and irritated. People with acne can use it with confidence.

Another point that is considered equally important. When choosing facial sunscreen For people with acne or people with sensitive skin, it is When choosing facial sunscreen You should choose a sunscreen that has been tested for irritation. that the sunscreen used does not cause irritation to the skin Because as I said When we have acne The skin is very fragile. If the sunscreen used It causes irritation to skin that already has acne. It can cause our acne to flare up even more than before.